Why now? I've been using Things for the past few years and it served me well. Things released a new major version of their app which required me to buy the whole suite (Mac, iPhone, iPad) again. Time to re-evaluate if Things is still the best GTD app for me...

The contestants

The three apps that I evaluated, are:

  • Things 4 (of course)
  • OmniFocus 2 (a friend uses this)
  • 2Do 2 (found this app while Googling for new candidates)

Things 4

Things 4 is mainly a look & feel update to Things 3. A few added features (still in the L&F department) are

  • Headings (to structure your projects)
  • Checklists (packing your suitcase)
  • Better editing

OmniFocus 2

OmniFocus was on my first evaluation list too and I started with Things because of its simplicity. This is still true for me. OmniFocus just has too many features and possible uses. I'd just loose myself in configuring it instead of using it.

2Do 2

[2Do]https://www.2doapp.com/ was a lucky find. There are other apps out there which I found, but didn't even consider. This one made the cut. It's somewhere in between Things and OmniFocus. Compared to Things it adds stuff like

  • Repeatable tasks (fixed interval, start new after finishing, ...)
  • Start and Due dates
  • More levels (Groups, lists, projects/checklists, tasks) with color coded lists
  • Handles tags better (constant view in sidebar)
  • Its free! If you need it only on iOS, that is. The Mac app and syncing (through Dropbox) are paid.

Conclusion: 2Do

I decided to go with 2Do because of the extra features (compared to Things), especially the extra levels and repeats. I like the compact layout of the app, however it takes some getting used to, especially on iOS. I've been using it for a few months now and really like it. It's well worth the money (which is about the same as Things 4 and OmniFocus standard).