Fixing my espresso machine

Fixing my espresso machine

My espresso machine was a bit leaky lately. It’s a Quickmill 820R.

QuickMill 820R

A nice machine, bought it refurbished. Put it away for about 2 years (my “Nespresso period”). I decided to go back to the real stuff, but found that it didn’t work as well as it would before. As you can see below, it has a steam spout. This actually works as a valve, if you “open” the spout (turn it outwards), water (or steam) flows through the spout. Turn it inwards and the valve closes and water comes out through the portafilter.

When making coffee, the steam spout would leak water. Without the coffee (free flowing water), it would not. Looks like a leaky o-ring of some sort.

Google to the rescue, which gave me this link: (post no longer available). Fellow Dutchman, coffee lover no doubt and handyman at the same time. What a combination and what a post.

It took some courage and elbow grease but I made it! And the Quickmill as well 😉 And saved a few €€€ (€1,89 o-ring collection from Karwei, Dutch DIY store). Leak fixed, no short circuit, no parts left over. An afternoon well spent. Now for some coffee!

4 thoughts on “Fixing my espresso machine

  1. Good thing you started on the real stuff again! It’s best for those machines to keep using them, it’ll keep them in good shape.
    The only thing is, your machine doesn’t have a piston. A piston (remember the Piston cup from Cars?) is a zuiger, operated with a lever. E.g. the La Pavoni Europiccola:
    The item you are referring to is the portafilter, or grouphead:
    sry, had to do that 😉

  2. Freaky, we got the same machine and wordpress theme… changing seats tomorrow (context: sitting next to this guy at wortk at the moment (know him for only 2 months))

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